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This was the single funniest thing I have ever seen a president do.


I will never not reblog this.


Let’s all take a moment to remember that Obama actually fucking did this omg 


"Daddy, don’t forget me"I haven’t but you’re deadYou have a little brother nowAnd some day we’ll all meet… in Valhalla

 I love Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace


"Daddy, don’t forget me"
I haven’t but you’re dead
You have a little brother now
And some day we’ll all meet… in Valhalla

 I love Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace


@WorstMuse is a relic of the human race

All my decisions are bad ones baby doll



I love this comics



Updating your Tumblr 


Updating your Tumblr 

You don’t know how wasted you are until…

You try to play guitar

So I blame Disney

So drunken rant time!

We all know that the Disney princesses have given women unreal standards to to compare there own romances too. It is well documented that women have to achieve a certain level of perfection and development to be “loved” but every one forgets about the guys? Don’t get me wrong, as a working to middle class white heterosexual male I know I’m the enemy.

I am the oppressor of free will

The SnapBack wearing, wife beater sporting arsehole of existence.

I am the the sarlack pit of dreams and equality.


In the words of of Ben Savage from Boy Meets World:
Boys have feelings too.

The role of men in the twenty fist century is a muddled one. We are not the uncaring Neanderthals of the 80’s and we are not the sensitive misunderstood bad boys of the 90’s.

We are not even complex or misunderstood.

What we are is stuck.

We are a generation built on morals and fair play. If I told you that your gay/insert different race/female friend couldn’t do the same things as you then you would be indignant. You would would be enraged! You would seek a fair resolution to the injustice, so that every minority and majority had it’s fair say and was treated with fair treatment in a fair way with fair trade and fair fair fair

Fair fair



We have been the bad guy for so long we want to make it right. Rightfully so. We should be ashamed of what has been done in our name. In preserving the the master race, 3 million Jews died. In keeping our line pure, thousands of black men were castrated.

We have a stained history of violence.

But where does that leave the modern man? We committed no crime, hated no man, acted on no impulse.

Now this is were it’s gonna get complicated. I am not saying we shouldn’t feel ashamed. Atrocities have been committed in our name, in the name of keeping our line pure. But we didn’t ask for that. Maybe all this terrible stuff had to happen first for us to reach a level of understanding to truly evolve as a species. But either way, we have done wrong by our fellow men and women. We are the unassuming product of a century of constant war and change and now we have no cause. We have no cause

We have no cause.

What do we have left?

The role of the man is dead. We are no longer the bringer of bread, the conquerer of lands! We are the left over boys of a archaic social structure. We are dinosaurs.

So what now? And why is this Disney’s fault?

Well what is the “mans” role in Disney?

We are perfect. We show up in the last 5 minuets of story arc and save the day. We fall in love instantly and unconditionally.

This is were the problem is.

As a human being I know a relationship takes work. I know it may not always be easy but if I put the time and the effort in I may be rewarded with love and a soul mate. Love at first sight doesn’t exist, we are made stronger by shared experience.

As a man though?

Like most men brought up in the late 80’s too late 90’s I am a child of devorse. Not earth shattering, life changing devorse, just; my parents didn’t love each other devorse. So in every day life I had no positive male role model in a romantic relationship (for the record, my farther was ways there for me, I just didn’t get to see him in a functioning relationship until later in life).

So we turn to Disney

Love is all consuming and instant. We are puppets to it’s will. Or so Disney would have you believe. I find it hard to believe in a relationship because I always believe that if this was the person I was meant to be with then I would be in love instantly.

I believe I would love then instantly.

I should love them instantly

I believe in love?

But I don’t. It’s make believe. How can you believe in some thing based on make believe? If love ever did exist how can I recognise it? And how do I act when I’m sure I have found it? I’m no perfect prince? I’m no paragon of good. I’m a guy

Just a guy

Not a man

Not a boy

Like most males of the homosapien race, I’m just a guy. I’m stuck and I’m confused. Overpowering masculinity may be sexy but has no place in modern, forward thinking world but weak men are easily ignored and dismissed as boys who don’t know what they want.

I am a guy.

I am ruined

I blame Disney.

Dusting off the cobwebs

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